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Celebrity visits over the years

R&L Holt has been a hot spot for celebrities to visit over the years. Want to know more? Keep reading to see if you recognise any of our celebrity visitors… 

  • John Craven visited us for his carbon footprint feature for Countryfile
  • Gary and Barry Lineker filmed their Walkers Crisps advert in our nurseries 
  • Matt Dawson filmed his cooking show in our gorgeous greenhouses
  • Tom Aiken from Vale Produce gave us a visit 
  • Another celebrity from Countryfile, Adam Henson, filmed a Winter Production and LED Lighting feature with us 
  • Brian Turner from the Food Program came to R&L Holt 
  • Maddy Moates from ‘Do You Know?’ popped to see us for some filming 
  • Jimmy Doherty from ‘The Bees’ was one of the first celebrities to visit us at R&L Holt

Who do you think will be the next celebrity to visit our tremendous tomatoes at R&L Holt?