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Learn more about our tomato varieties we grow here at R&L Holt with our top 5 ‘did you know’ facts… 

Tomato variety of this month is Piccolo!

Did you know…

1- We first started to trial this variety over 20 years ago and at Hornsfield Nurseries this has been the main type for 18 years.

2- Piccolo is most popular variety in Northern Europe.

3- They are sweet, but not sugary, slightly acidic taste with intense long lasting distinctive flavour and aroma.

4- This variety is great to eat with warm or cold dishes. 

5- Piccolo variety are a cherry on the Vine type of tomato.

Is this your favourite type of tomato? 

Sunday 9th January, saw 200 runners take part in our annual Fladbury Festive 5 fun run. The weather was on our side and the atmosphere was great amongst all competitors. All runners also enjoyed the extra addition in their goodie bags this year, our ‘Strabena’ tomato from Sandylands lit crop!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and made the day happen.

Here is a link to the results

“The race is not possible without the most amazing team – UKA race officials, WMAS, community first responders, venue owners, tomato growers, the entry and timing company, Fladbury community, friends and family. But especially race director Julie Cross who made the race happen again today. Together we seem to have made a lot of runners happy and raised some money for FOF & Alzheimer’s Research UK. Thank you.” Louise

New Year, New You? Are you on a health kick this January? Well let’s explore some of the top health benefits tomatoes provide us.

  • Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K
  • Tomatoes are a good source of fibre
  • Tomatoes help to lower the risk of heart diseases, particularly for middle aged men
  • Tomatoes are considered a great contributor to healthy skin
  • Tomatoes help to protect the inner layers of our blood vessels, decreasing the chances of blood clots

So if your new years resolution is to get healthier then start incorporate tomatoes into your diet! Plus they are super tasty. 

Learn more about our tomato varieties we grow here at R&L Holt with our top 5 ‘did you know’ facts… 

Tomato Variety of this month is Duelle!

Did you know…

1- Duelle tomatoes are a baby plum snack variety

2- Are high in flavour and crunchy in texture 

3- Are perfect on their own or accompanied in both warm or cold dishes

4- Have a high yield potential

5- Are attractive in appearance making them very popular

Are you a fan our Duelle tomatoes? 

ONE- Not all tomatoes are red

Did you know… not all tomatoes are red! They can come in a variety of colours including; yellow, pink, black, white and even purple. Here at R&L Holt our Yelorita variety of tomatoes are yellow. This type is a cherry on the vine tomato with a beautiful appearance and unique flavour. 


TWO- Tomatoes are a fruit

You may have this debate with your family and friends… “Are tomatoes a fruit or vegetable?”. However, we can confirm that they are a fruit. This is because a fruit is defined as an edible part of a plant containing seeds. 


THREE- The word tomato is Spanish 

In the English language, the word tomato actually comes from the Spanish word ‘tomate’ 


FOUR- There are over 10 thousands tomato varieties 

Here at R&L Holt, every season we have a trial area which can consist of 30 types all with different features, from colour, shape and size. However, there are actually over 10 thousand varieties, plenty for us to trial. 


FIVE- Tomatoes are known to help support a healthy heart

The fruit contains anti- inflammatory properties that are linked to supporting general heart and brain health. 

Noticed a shortage in tomatoes this Winter? Heres why…

Our winter crops are well underway and there is Piccolo, Yelorita, Roterno, Elegance and Strabena available from Sandyland Nurseries.

However, there are fewer winter crops that have been planted this year because of the high energy costs. It is not just in the UK but throughout Europe. The reason is that supplementary lighting is required to produce at this time of year and if you’re not generating on site or using low energy lighting such as the LED lights then it is a huge challenge.

It is challenging times for all growers in the UK. We are all committed to improving our efficiencies by using less energy, therefore less carbon, and more sustainable materials.

Looking for a festive fun activity that the whole family can enjoy this December? Well, why not spend some quality family time creating ‘Tomato Santa hats’. 

These Santa hats are super easy to make, check out the recipe below:

Ingredients (12 Santa hats)

  • 12 Baby plum tomatoes
  • 12 Mini cheese pearls
  • 4 Mozzarella cheese slices

Step 1- Using the mozzarella cheese slices, cut out 12 mini hat bases using a mini circle cutter. 

Step 2- Cut off one end of each of the baby plum tomatoes.

Step 3- Place the cut edge onto the cheese slices.

Step 4- To create the pom pom, add the cheese pearl on top of the baby plum tomato. 


To read more information about our tomato varieties including baby plum tomatoes, click here.

Why British Tomatoes are BEST

 The answer is simple… because of the taste!

 At R & L Holt we have over 40 years of growing excellence meaning that we really know how to get the taste of our tomatoes right. Listening to our customers’ requirements, each season we trail out different types, features, colours, shapes and sizes to see if we can improve on the famous British taste.

But why are our home grown British tomatoes the tastiest? This is because we only pick our tomatoes when they are flawlessly ripe. We are able to leave our tomato varieties on the vines for as long as possible ensuring they develop the most flavour.

 Being located in Britain means that we can supply our tomatoes to our customers much quicker. With imported tomatoes, they are picked long before they reach the supermarkets and your dinner plates. They are also stored in refrigerated lorries for many days reducing all the flavour they originally had. So being British grown means that we can do all this and still maintain the products’ fresh tasty quality. 

 However, don’t just take our word for it. Next time you shop at your local retailer, pick up both a British tomato and an overseas tomato and let us know which one you believe is truly the tastiest.