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It’s that time again, our variety of the month for May is the Dunne tomato!

Did you know…

  1. Dunne is part of the Solanaceae tomato family 
  2. The full name for the Dunne variety is Solanum lycopersicum
  3. Dunne is edible to birds
  4. It has poisonous leaves and roots
  5. The lifespan of Dunne is perennial

Did you learn something new about the Dunne variety? Make sure you come back next month for five more facts about our June variety!

It’s that time again! Are you ready for 5 more fun facts about tomatoes?

Did you know that…

  1. There are over 10 thousand varieties of tomatoes
  2. The main thing that tomatoes are used for are sauces
  3. In 2017, China produced 59.514,733 tonnes of tomatoes
  4. Tomatoes can be traced back to 700 AD from the Early Aztecs
  5. In the late 1700s the tomato was branded the ‘poison apple’ as it was believed that the aristocracy became ill and died after eating them

Have you learnt something new about tomatoes today? Come along next time to find out more interesting facts about tomatoes!

Have you ever gone to get a tomato, but it has rotted before you’ve even had chance to use it? Look no further, these 5 top tips of how to store your tomatoes at home will prevent this from happening to you again!

  1. Store whole tomatoes of any variety at room temperature rather than in the fridge as the cold temperature results in the skin to turn mushy


  1. Store cut, sliced, and chopped tomatoes in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth


  1. Store tomatoes in an organised way to avoid them bruising


  1. Flip tomatoes upside down for better storage


  1. Canning tomatoes is an effective way to preserve them all year long


We hope these storage tips have helped you, let us know your favourite way to store tomatoes!

For April 2022 the tomato variety of the month is Arlinta so here at R&L Holt we’ll be sharing 5 facts about this type of tomato!

Did you know that…

  1. Arlinta is the perfect cocktail tomato
  2. They keep their shape when cooking
  3. It is considered a premium medium-sized vine tomato
  4. The variety has a strong smell and taste
  5. Arlinta come from the Solanaceae Botanical Family  

Will Arlinta tomatoes be on your next shopping list?

At R&L Holt, we grow tomatoes all year round to help supply the ever growing demand from UK retailers. But how is this possible with limited natural heat and light?

Previously, our glasshouses were heated enabling us to grow tomatoes from February until November. However, to meet demand we needed a cost effective lighting solution that would ensure that we can grow tomatoes 12months of the year. 

The solution… a hybrid lighting system;

The HPS lighting supplies heat and light and the LED modules provide the tomatoes with precisely controlled and highly efficient interlighting. 

But what are the benefits of this system?

  • All the plants can be lit at the points where they gain most benefit
  • Various trials have demonstrated that this enables much higher and more efficient plant production
  • The light provided can be converted more efficiently into sugars, the building blocks of the plant 

We were the first UK grower to invest in this style of technology to enhance our tomato growing production. 

Want to learn more about the technology we use throughout our glasshouses? Visit our what we do section. 

Should you keep tomatoes in the fridge? Which tomatoes are best for cooking? Are they a fruit or a vegetable… 

Let us answer some of your questions! 

Can you freeze tomatoes?

The short answer is yes, yes you can. Simply pop the tomatoes into a freezer bag and save them for later. 

Which tomatoes are the sweetest? 

The sweetest in flavour tend to be plum tomatoes on the vine such as our strabena variety. 

Why eat tomatoes? 

Tomatoes are full of potassium, vitamins B and E plus other nutrients that help protect your cells from damage. So next time you are making lunch, try and add some tomatoes to your meal for extra health benefits. 

Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable? 

This is probably the most Googled question about tomatoes… but the answer is… technically a fruit! 

Do you have any burning questions about tomatoes? Let us know, our years of experience can answer them!

Learn more about our tomato varieties we grow here at R&L Holt with our top 5 ‘did you know’ facts… 

Tomato variety of this month is Stabena!

Did you know…

1- This variety is a new premium min-plum tomato. 

2- Stabena’s are eye catching with their deep red colour. 

3- These tomatoes are super sweet with a flesh taste.

4- They have a very unique shape, similar to Strawberries, which makes them popular with farmshops and deli’s. 

5-  They have a good shelf life and remain fresher for longer compared to some other varieties. 

Have you enjoyed Stabena tomatoes before? 

Before 2014 we were producing tomatoes between March to early December but now we are harvesting all year round. Additionally, over the last five years, we have also started growing different colour varieties of tomatoes. But how is this possible?

Here are 5 facts about how we grow tomatoes:

Fact 1– We use hydroponics to grow the crops. The plants are suspended on hanging gutters and we manage the plants vertically in what is called a high wire crop. Our most recent glasshouse is 7m tall!

Fact 2– With all year round production we do heat our crops in the UK . However, to remain efficient and sustainable we use steam and hot water biomass boilers and have CHP engines to help power the lit crops.

Fact 3– All our sites have reservoirs that collect rain water. With filtration and sterilisation equipment used we recirculate solution in closed systems to ensure we are efficient with this resource.

Fact 4– An Integrated Pest Management approach to control pest and disease is used. Introductions of natural predators in the crop helps to reduce crop stress and leaf damage.

Fact 5– All leaves and waste from the plants is used in the Anaerobic Digestors or composted.

Learn more about how we grow our crops here at R&L Holt by visiting our What We Do section. 

Learn more about our tomato varieties we grow here at R&L Holt with our top 5 ‘did you know’ facts… 

Tomato variety of this month is Yelorita!

Did you know…

1- This cherry on the vine type has a beautiful appearance with very uniform neat trusses.

2- A special unique flavour which is delicious on its own.

3- You can always spot them in the supermarkets due to their yellow, not red appearance. 

4- This variety is great to eat cold in dishes such as salads. 

5- The texture of this tomato is crisp and fresh which adds to its unique flavour. 

Have you eaten Yelorita tomatoes before? 

Throwback to 2015… 2nd in the World Tomato Grower Competition

One of our proudest achievements to date was when we were selected as runners up at the Fruit Logistics Show, in Berlin. The trade show housed more than 2,600 exhibitions and attracted more than 62,000 visitors from more than 140 countries. 

Due to our traditional growing methods, natural pest control and bumble bee pollination, we were shortlisted to the top ten growers in the world. We were then invited to stage to answer questions about our family run business. 

Following this we were placed 2nd in the world competition, plus we were runners up in both Best Business Innovation and Salad Grower of the Year. 

As family tomato growers, we are still extremely proud of this achievement.