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Winter Tomato Cultivation: Sowing the Seeds of Freshness in the Cold Season

With winter now in full swing, at R&L Holt we’re making sure to keep the January blues at bay by reflecting on our tomatoes growth journey in 2024 so far and more exciting things to come in the spring!

The production of tomatoes in winter has become a strategic and innovative practice, allowing us to defy the conventional growing seasons. Through the use of greenhouse technology, hydroponics, and carefully controlled indoor environments, tomatoes can be cultivated year-round. Winter tomato production involves mimicking optimal growing conditions, providing a consistent temperature, humidity, and light, ensuring the plants thrive even in colder months. This not only contributes to a more sustainable and resilient food supply but also satisfies the yearning for fresh, flavourful tomatoes irrespective of the season. We’re proud to share that the production of our winter crop has been in full flow for over a month, and we’re not stopping there…

Young plants have arrived for our conventional crops that we will start harvesting later in March. Harvesting tomatoes in March marks the early stages of the growing season, presenting a promising glimpse of fresh and flavourful produce after the winter months. In regions where the weather allows, March signals the beginning of tomato harvests, bringing forth the fruits of careful cultivation and anticipation. March harvests bring the joy of freshly picked tomatoes, a prelude to the abundance that the approaching warmer months promise.

Keep an eye on our upcoming blog posts for more exciting news about our tomato journey in the spring!