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Why buy British?

There are plenty of things that reflect the best bits of Britain, but did you know that tomatoes are on the list too?

British tomatoes are well known for their tantalizing taste and texture, but that’s not all! Here are seven reasons why you should be buying British tomatoes over any other: 

  1. British tomatoes are more environmentally friendly, this is because locally grown British tomatoes don’t pollute the air when they are transported, unlike when tomatoes from overseas are imported. 
  2. Buying British tomatoes helps support local UK growers and boost the economy, by increasing the amount of money that goes towards British tomatoes results in a surge in money within the UK. 
  3. British tomatoes are more tasty. This isn’t biased, we promise! Because british tomatoes are kept on the vine for longer, this means that they are filled with more flavour and taste better for it.
  4. British tomatoes are full of nutrition due to the rich soil they’re grown in. The nutrients help to improve your immunity and heart health.
  5. British tomatoes are an all-round healthy fruit as they include antioxidants and compounds such as lycopene and beta-carotene which can protect you against some cancers and other serious diseases.
  6. Last but not least, British tomatoes are grown with love meaning that they are the best of the bunch!

Make sure British tomatoes are on your next weekly shopping list!