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What really are the BEST ranked tomato soups in the UK?

Tomato soup is a timeless classic meal, in winter and summer alike it’s always a great, fulfilling meal that continuously leaves you satisfied after eating. But have you ever wondered which tomato soup is the best of the bunch?

Most of us would go straight to Heinz, of course. 

However, a recent study conducted by Which? Concluded that there are some own-brand supermarket tomato soups that are just as good (if not better!) than Heinz, and here are the results… 

  1. Sainsbury’s Cream of Tomato Soup – 81% 
  2. Tesco’s Cream of Tomato Soup – 80%
  3. Asda’s Cream of Tomato Soup – 75%

If you’re wondering where Heinz came in the ranking, it managed to bag 6th place with 69% overall satisfaction, but some panelists were disappointed with the strength of the tomato taste. 

Where will you be buying your next batch of tomato soup? You could try making your own, there will be a recipe coming soon so keep your eyes peeled…