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How we grow our tomatoes in a sustainable environment

At R&L Holt, the sustainability of how we grow our tomatoes is extremely important to us. Below are five ways in which we grow our tomatoes in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way…

  1. We use recycled woodchip in boilers to provide hot water to heat the glasshouses which is stored in buffer tanks.
  2. Thermal screens work both in warm and cold temperatures as they shade crops during bright weather and keep heat in the glasshouse during the winter months.
  3. LED lighting uses up to 40% less electricity than conventional lighting that is powered by on site CHP plants, so we do not depend on the National Grid supply.
  4. Solar panels provide the power to run pumps that irrigate the crops and climate control helps to ensure we are not wasting energy.
  5. We pack our crops in re-usable crates.

We hope that this information has given a more detailed insight into how we work sustainably at R&L Holt!