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The British Tomato Fortnight. Why do we celebrate British Tomatoes?

This year the duration of British Tomato Fortnight is 23rd May – 5th June 2022, so why not take this opportunity to learn something new or build up your knowledge of British-grown tomatoes!


It can’t be denied that us Brits love tomatoes, which is evident from British people eating 500,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year! Keep reading to find out five facts about why we celebrate British tomatoes and see if you learn something new…


  1. British- grown tomatoes are known for their flavour, because they’re grown locally, tomatoes are chosen for their taste instead of durability
  2. The nutrition in tomatoes protects from illnesses such as cancer and maintains heart health
  3. British tomatoes are good for the environment, because they are grown locally this reduces miles of transporting the tomatoes
  4. Locally grown British tomatoes are kept on the vine for longer, meaning that they absorb more flavour
  5. British tomato growers use eco-friendly methods to grow their toms such as nourishing their crops with rainwater and using bumble bees to pollinate plants


Did you find out something new this British Tomato Fortnight? Let us know and see you next time!