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How we grow tomatoes here at R&L Holt

Before 2014 we were producing tomatoes between March to early December but now we are harvesting all year round. Additionally, over the last five years, we have also started growing different colour varieties of tomatoes. But how is this possible?

Here are 5 facts about how we grow tomatoes:

Fact 1– We use hydroponics to grow the crops. The plants are suspended on hanging gutters and we manage the plants vertically in what is called a high wire crop. Our most recent glasshouse is 7m tall!

Fact 2– With all year round production we do heat our crops in the UK . However, to remain efficient and sustainable we use steam and hot water biomass boilers and have CHP engines to help power the lit crops.

Fact 3– All our sites have reservoirs that collect rain water. With filtration and sterilisation equipment used we recirculate solution in closed systems to ensure we are efficient with this resource.

Fact 4– An Integrated Pest Management approach to control pest and disease is used. Introductions of natural predators in the crop helps to reduce crop stress and leaf damage.

Fact 5– All leaves and waste from the plants is used in the Anaerobic Digestors or composted.

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