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Why Buy British Tomatoes

Britain is well known for many reasons, from the Royal Family to roast dinners, Britain has many iconic aspects. 

Tomatoes are foods that are arguably not usually associated with Britain by most people, especially when Yorkshire puddings and fish and chips spring to mind, but we’re here to tell you why British tomatoes are the tomatoes you should be buying!

  1. British tomatoes are full of flavour 

British tomatoes are only picked when they are perfectly ripe, meaning they’re left attached to the vine for as long as possible. This gives them more time to develop extra flavour. The environment in which they are grown, in greenhouses, also contribute to their fantastic flavour. This means that we, as growers, can fully control the environment they are grown in and ensure the tomatoes get what they need. Temperatures can be regulated and the use of LED lighting ensures that there is enough light for plants to grow to their full potential.

    2. The variety available in the UK 

There are a range of tomato varieties in the UK, from sweet cherry tomatoes to big, bold beefsteaks, British producers are now producing tomatoes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even colours. Each variety has their own unique flavours and textures that makes them memorable for different reasons, try some out for yourself!

     3.  The way British tomatoes are harvested 

By only being picked when they’re ready to eat, British tomatoes don’t spend time in refrigerated vehicles. Keeping tomatoes at low temperatures for an extended period of time severely impacts their final flavour, sometimes resulting in them not being as tasty. By getting them to shop shelves within days, British growers are able to capture this unmatched flavour.

There are many reasons to be proud of your British heritage, and now you can add their tomatoes to the list! Have you learnt something new about British tomatoes? Let us know!