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Why bees are so important to our tomato growing

What do you know about bees? Does honey and flying from plant to plant spring to mind?

It might surprise you but bees are actually one of the most important organisms in our everyday life! Their pollination is responsible for the survival of over 75% of the world’s plants, and of course, this includes tomatoes.

If you’re wondering, why are bees so important for tomato growing? We’re here to tell you how, and you better bee-lieve us!

Bees maintain the sequence of pollination in our tomato plants and therefore enable them to grow to a better standard. Bees are very beneficial for our tomato plants in that their pollination of plants keeps them healthy. The health of a plant is determined by how bees respond to it. It’s as simple as it sounds, if a plant is healthy, bees will gravitate towards it and take the pollen. Whereas, if a plant is not healthy, the bees won’t bother. So bees are a great indicator as to whether a tomato plant is healthy enough for production and are therefore extremely important for our tomato growing.

Next time you have a tomato from us, you have the bees to thank for its fresh flavour!