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Fun Facts about tomatoes

We all know that January isn’t the most exciting month, Christmas is over and we have to start those New Year’s resolutions we’ve been adamant we would do. But that doesn’t mean that January can’t be fun! Here are some fun facts about tomatoes to cheer you up this January…

  1. There are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes 

Many people think that all tomatoes are the same, but this couldn’t be more wrong! There are thought to be more than 3,000 varieties of heritage tomatoes currently being grown worldwide, and more than 15,000 known varieties in total. That’s a lot of tomatoes to try! 

  1. Tomatoes are technically a fruit 

The age old debate of whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable has been causing division for as long as we can remember, but we’re here to tell you that a tomato is in fact a fruit. This is because a fruit is defined as the edible part of the plant containing seeds, such as a tomato. Although we don’t recommend having them as a dessert, no matter how much we love them! 

  1. China has the largest production of tomatoes worldwide

Take a guess, where do you think the most tomatoes are grown? Italy? Britain? India? Wrong, China is actually the largest producer of tomatoes, accounting for an approximate quarter of the world’s total production!

Have you learnt something new about tomatoes? Maybe your next New Year’s resolution could be to learn three more facts about tomatoes? We’ll see you next time!