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Have you tried any of our seven varieties?

Here at R&L Holt, we have a wide range of varieties and are proud of how each thrive under our care in different ways. This blog is dedicated to our seven main varieties and what makes them so unique and special!

Piccolo –  After starting this trial variety over 20 years ago, piccolo has been the main type for 18 years. It is a cherry on the Vine type that is the most popular variety in Northern Europe due to its sweet, but not sugary, slightly acidic taste. It’s intense long lasting distinctive flavour and aroma is the perfect addition to any palette. It’s even a favourite in the fussiest of children’s lunch boxes as it can be accompanied with any cold or warm dish (making lunch prep much easier for parents and caregivers!)

Yelorita – This Yellow Cherry on the Vine type has a beautiful appearance with its luminous yellow colouring and very uniform neat trusses. It has a special and unique flavour which is delicious on its own or mixed in with a salad which makes it the perfect tomato to during summer due to its bright colour and taste, (some even say it’s like having a sun in the mix!)

Roterno– This premium medium vine tomato is the perfect size to be enjoyed sliced up in a lunchtime sandwich or as a go to variety in many tomato based dishes. It is one of our most versatile varieties which is why it is one of our most popular.

Arlinta – This popular cocktail variety has a strong rich aroma and taste which is why it is such an unforgettable type. It is a great choice for simple dishes due to its unique flavour adding rich taste to any dish it accompanies. It is also great for cooking as it keeps its shape.

Duelle – The smallest of them all duelle is a baby plum snack tomato. It’s perfect on its own or accompanied in both warm or cold dishes meaning that this type can be enjoyed in any dish. It’s small size makes it easy to add to any meal as it’s not too overpowering. 

Dunne – This baby plum on the vine is a great looking tomato with a distinctive taste to be eaten on its own or a multiple array of dishes. The dunne variety is small and sweet, and as we know good things come in small packages!

Strabena – Strabena is a new premium min-plum variety. Its fantastic deep intense red colour complements the sweet fleshy taste that this variety provides. It is very popular with local farm shops and deli’s due to its unique shape and taste, adding an unforgettable taste to any dish it accompanies.

Have you tried any of our seven varieties? Let us know about your favourite!