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LED toplighting AND LED interlighting… the future of tomato growing

At R&L Holt, we grow tomatoes all year round to help supply the ever growing demand from UK retailers. But how is this possible with limited natural heat and light?

Previously, our glasshouses were heated enabling us to grow tomatoes from February until November. However, to meet demand we needed a cost effective lighting solution that would ensure that we can grow tomatoes 12months of the year. 

The solution… a hybrid lighting system;

The HPS lighting supplies heat and light and the LED modules provide the tomatoes with precisely controlled and highly efficient interlighting. 

But what are the benefits of this system?

  • All the plants can be lit at the points where they gain most benefit
  • Various trials have demonstrated that this enables much higher and more efficient plant production
  • The light provided can be converted more efficiently into sugars, the building blocks of the plant 

We were the first UK grower to invest in this style of technology to enhance our tomato growing production. 

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