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Did you know?

Did you know that R&L Holt have been supplying tomatoes since as far back as 1979? But that’s not all… Keep reading to find out 5 of our most significant dates since our establishment over 40 years ago!
1979 – It all began here with the purchase of Sandylands, a typical market gardening site with indoor and outdoor areas for tomato growth.
1985 – The construction of our first glasshouse called Tom, Dick and Harry meaning that we could increase the amount of tomato plants we grew.
1999 – Our glasshouse Fred was built showing how well R&L Holt was progressing for the need of ANOTHER greenhouse to store all of our tasty toms.
2009 – Springhill Nurseries were built after a long time trying to get planning permission, we finally got the green light! The new 125m row lengths paved the way for a new challenge with NFT. This site has everything we need to produce and grow the best quality tomatoes in an environmentally friendly way. From a steam biomass boiler to an Anaeobic Digester, our Springhill Nurseries really have it all!
2020 – The Springhill Annex Solar Edge PV was introduced which enables us to power the pumps that irrigate the crops and motors to ensure that we are providing the best possible growing environment for our crops.
Have you learnt anything new from these key dates in our history? We’re sure there will be many more significant milestones to come…