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R&L Holt went on tour!

We have some exciting news we would like to share with you… R&L Holt went on tour!
On the third week of March Roly travelled internationally and flew over to Detroit with group of growers from all over the world! This was a really exciting opportunity which allowed him to learn more about growers from Australia, Europe, Japan and the US/Canada. Not only did he form friendships but he also learnt a lot about other cultures and different aspects of growing in different parts of the world.
Here’s a summary of what Roly got up to on his travels and some things that he learnt along the way:
Day 1 – Ontario (Canada)
On day 1 of the trip to Ontario Roly visited the Leamington Growing area and saw tomato and cucumber crop and a propagator. This was extremely insightful and it was interesting to see how the same plants we grow here in the UK are harvested differently on the other side of the world.

Day 2 –  Niagara 

Roly spent the second day in Niagara and this visit was dedicated to the Signify Research and Development update and of course a visit Niagara Falls.

Day 3 – Cornell University (near Buffalo – USA) 

The third day involved Roly visiting Cornell University, a widely accredited university in the states that is known worldwide. He travelled here to see LED lighting trials in tomatoes.

These were a great few days away and Roly definitely learnt a lot on his travels. Who knows where our next trip will take us, but we’ll be sure to tell you all about it!