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Did you know you can hand pollinate tomato plants? Here’s how…

Did you know that you can hand pollinate tomato plants? Want to find out more? Well here’s how you can…

With tomato plants being self pollinating, they produce flowers with both male and female organs which enables the pollen to be shed directly onto the stigma of the flower.

The most common way that tomato plants are pollinated is by the wind or by bees. However, as with everything, sometimes they need a helping hand to release their pollen, for example if plants are kept indoors or in a glasshouse.

Hand pollination of tomatoes is a simple process which should be conducted on a warm and bright day for the best results: 

  1. Shake the flowers by tapping behind the flower with your finger to stimulate the plant to release pollen. 
  2. Do this for 2-3 consecutive days to ensure that the pollination has been successful. 
  3. You will know that successful pollination has taken place when the flower begins to shrivel and fruits begin to form.

Will you be hand pollinating your tomato plants?