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3 things we do to make our tomato growing sustainable

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within our daily lives and a habit that we need to adopt to preserve the beauty of our planet. Here at R&L Holt, we are extremely committed to this cause and would like to show you how! 

Here are three things that we do to make our tomato growing sustainable as we do our bit to help the environment…

  1.  Sustainable heating 

To remain efficient and sustainable, we use steam and hot water biomass boilers and have CHP engines to help power the lit crops rather than less sustainable alternative methods of heating. 

  1. Reusing and preserving water

All sites have reservoirs that collect rain water. With filtration and sterilisation equipment used we recirculate solution in closed sytems to ensure we are efficient with this resource.

  1. Recycling waste material 

All leaves and waste from the plants is used in the Anaerobic Digestors or composted.

We hope that you have learnt something about our sustainability methods and are encouraged to try more sustainable practices in your routine!