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About La Serra

Here at R&L Holt, it is important to us that you, our loyal tomato community, understand everything about our business and our reasoning behind certain aspects of this. 

We have discussed our three sites, Sandylands Nurseries, Hornsfield Nurseries and Springhill Nurseries and now it is the turn of our La Serra site to be discussed. 

In 2019, our La Serra site was developed for annual tomato production. Its features include hybrid lighting with both top LED and Interlighting, meaning that the site is powered by CHP through a Biogas Anaerobic Digester and a Solar Farm. This is a huge development for R&L because our La Serra site is improving the carbon footprint and sustainability of our business. 

The construction of this site would not have been possible without the forty years of growing experience by the Holts, that helped to design this superb site fit for the twenty-first century!