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Learn more about how we heat our glass houses

The growing of tomatoes is not as simple as it may seem, it takes a lot of hard work as well as dedication and consideration of the plants. To ensure that the tomatoes are being looked after correctly, a range of factors need to be considered, one of which is maintaining a healthy temperature in glasshouses so that the tomatoes can thrive. With winter fast approaching, we have put together a compilation of the most useful facts to consider when heating glass houses which will in turn help you and your greenhouse-growing at home!

  1. A thermal mass – These are objects that absorb heat during the day and release it during the night so most of the hard work is done and it’s extremely sustainable!
  2. Add insulation – Attaching a layer of bubble wrap to the interior walls of the glass house can reduce heat loss and block cold drafts. This is an effective way to maintain temperatures in your glass house and it is easily accessible, there’s always some bubble warp lying around.
  3. Let the sunshine come in – This is the most natural way to maintain the heat in a glass house, as nothing is better for tomatoes than the sun! For this to work for maximum benefit, there must be no obstacles in the path of the sun and tomato plants.

We hope that you have found these facts helpful and that they will be of use to you when heating your own glass houses!