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About our Hornsfield Nurseries site

Here at R&L Holt, we are extremely proud of our four successful sites located within the Vale of Evesham area. Each one is so special that we would love to tell you all about them in greater detail as they are a huge part of our blossoming business. With that being said, today’s blog will be dedicated to our Hornsfield Nurseries Site.

The Hornsfield Nurseries Site was built in the Winter of 2004/5 and has been a secure site for nearly two decades. This site is located just outside the village of Badsey and is our second oldest site of the four.

This was our first site where the ‘NFT Hanging Gutter’ was installed and used for our crops and has been a sure success for sixteen seasons with its extremely efficient biomass boiler for heating and roof mounted solar. We use pure CO2 from our partners anaerobic digester plant to ensure the sustainability of our sites.

Despite the ecological progression of this site, some things will always remain the same as this site has grown the same variety of tomato since 2005 over six acres of land. So, one thing that you can rely on with this site is the consistency of our tomatoes that are housed here, as they have been practised and perfected for seventeen years!