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About our Springhill Nurseries site

Here at R&L Holt, it is important to us that our customers understand the origins of our business and the challenges that we have faced and overcome in the last four decades. This week’s blog post is dedicated to our Springhill Nurseries Site that was built in 2009.

Developing the Springhill Nurseries was no simple task, it took several years to gain planning permission as well as a long and tiring dig! Nonetheless, it was all worth it in the end as our Springhill Nursery Site consists of 125m row lengths meaning that we can increase the number of tomato plants in this site, but that’s not all! Our Springhill Nursery has it all! Ranging from a steam biomass boiler, an Anaeobic Digester, PV, CHP and on-site Carbon Dioxide, this Nursey preserves our tomatoes as well as the environment, and what could be more efficient than that?