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5 Fun Facts about Tomatoes

ONE- Not all tomatoes are red

Did you know… not all tomatoes are red! They can come in a variety of colours including; yellow, pink, black, white and even purple. Here at R&L Holt our Yelorita variety of tomatoes are yellow. This type is a cherry on the vine tomato with a beautiful appearance and unique flavour. 


TWO- Tomatoes are a fruit

You may have this debate with your family and friends… “Are tomatoes a fruit or vegetable?”. However, we can confirm that they are a fruit. This is because a fruit is defined as an edible part of a plant containing seeds. 


THREE- The word tomato is Spanish 

In the English language, the word tomato actually comes from the Spanish word ‘tomate’ 


FOUR- There are over 10 thousands tomato varieties 

Here at R&L Holt, every season we have a trial area which can consist of 30 types all with different features, from colour, shape and size. However, there are actually over 10 thousand varieties, plenty for us to trial. 


FIVE- Tomatoes are known to help support a healthy heart

The fruit contains anti- inflammatory properties that are linked to supporting general heart and brain health.