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R & L Holt



R & L Holt is a family business originally formed in 1979 by Rick and Laura Holt and now includes their son and daughter Roly and Felicity Holt.

Tomatoes have been grown commercially in glasshouses since the early 1980s. It started with the purchase of Sandylands Nurseries in 1979 which was a typical market gardening site with a mixture of small wooden glasshouses and out door field crops. During the 1980's three glasshouses were built (Tom, Dick and Harry) and another (Fred) later in 1999. In 2004 we built a 6 acre block at Hornsfield Nurseries and in 2009  Springhill Nurseries was constructed and first planted in 2010. The total glasshouse acreage of the three sites is 22 acres. During 2013 we replaced Tom,Dick and Harry with a state of the art modern block suitable for all year round production.

All crops are grown hydroponically using a Nutrient Film Technique. Originally crops were grown on the ground with a profiled slope but in 2004 we designed the 'NFT hanging gutter.' Now all of our crops are grown on hanging gutters which is a better climate for the plants and easier working height. We have developed this system further in the last 10 years to maximise the growing potential of the crops.

Energy is something that we constantly review to be more efficient and sustainable and we currently use Combined Heat and Power and Biogas from an Anaerobic Digester facility.All sites have thermal screens both on top and side which saves energy. For our Winter production we are using LED Inter-lighting which is more efficient on energy and also gives the crop the optimum light spectrum. We dose CO2 into the crop which helps the crop to grow rather than letting it escape into the atmosphere.

Over the last 20 years we have worked closely with Evesham Vale Growers who focus on packing and marketing our tomatoes.


                      Roly and Rick Holt