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R & L Holt

Energy Efficiencies


Different methods of energy efficiencies are being used and introduced at all sites.

All sites have thermal screens to keep heat in on dull days and to shade the plants when light levels are very high.

Boilers all have flue gas condensers and are as energy efficient as possible.

An anaerobic digester has been built at Springhill Nurseries to aid heating and it also uses waste plant tissue and is used to export energy to the grid.

At Sandylands, a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit has recently been installed along with  new glass to aid

energy usage.                                           


In 2014 we had solar panels put on the new glasshouse at Sandylands and some of the electicity produced is

exported to the grid.


                                               Thermal Screens.


                                                     Solar Panels.