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R & L Holt



Winter crop, end October 2014.

Winter crop is well established. End October 2014.


Winter Production

Winter production is now underway at Sandylands!

Winter production in Freda, Sandylands Nurseries. October 2014.


Tom Aikens comes to visit.

 Tom Aikens at Hornsfield. July 2014.


Finalists in the Growers United Competition 2014.

Out of 32 teams we made the finals only to loose 2-1.


Evesham Vale 10k 2014

R & L Holt - Evesham Vale Coporate team champions. Left to right: Cristian, Roly, Fliss, Mihai and Florin.



Mayor comes to Open Day.

We held our Open Day on 20th May 2014 for our new glasshouse Freda. Our newly appointed Mayor came to declare it open and about 50 people attended altogether to have a tour or sit and chat and enjoy some light refreshments in our new canteen!


Anaerobic Digester

The Anaerobic Digester has been completed at Springhill and is almost at full capacity. Following a report on Midlands Today we have been inundated with group visit requests for 2014.


All down The demise of Tom Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick and Harry were demolished in September 2013 and currently the foundations have been completed for Freda the new 8300 sqm glasshouse.

Cycling success

Rick completed his Ride London-Surrey 100 Sportive in August 2013 and raised £1270.37 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you for all those who kindly donated money.



Sideshoots took part in the Growers United event in July 2013 at the new Evesham United Ground. They reached the semi final in a 24 team event. Three members played against WBA on the same day and player Plamen scored the only goal when they lost 9-1. Sideshoots won a trophy in 2012 but in 2013 Sideshoots came second in all league standings.

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